My Patient Experience

An example of a Florida medical marijuana card.

An example of what an MMJ card looks like.

Before I, Joshua Winer, worked with Omni Medical Services I was a patient, so what better way to explain the process than my own personal experience of getting my medical marijuana card!

First, I had to find somewhere to help me get my medical marijuana card, and by chance I found Omni Medical Services, which turned out to be a phenomenal choice. When I called to schedule an appointment, I was informed that I needed medical documents verifying that I have epilepsy. So, I went to my doctor and told him that I needed the medical files and what I needed them for. I later found out that patients have the right to their medical records without having to justify it. Some doctors may charge per page, however, it’s uncommon for them to charge. My doctor faxed the documents to Omni, which helped to quicken the process.

Next came the appointment. The appointment was at the Fort Lauderdale clinic, where I got the opportunity to meet Omni and patients. At the time, this location was only one of the four total Omni Medical clinics in the state. In the waiting room, I spoke with other patients, and we were able to relate quickly and enjoy a warm environment. The staff working the clinic that day were patient and kind. They answered any questions that I had, and I had plenty!

When I was called to see the doctor, we sat down and he asked me questions about my epilepsy. He even did a little quick reflex test that reminded me of my past days in the hospital. He was very kind and understanding in regards to my medical situation, I could really tell he was listening.

After going to the clinic and having my appointment, the next step in the registration process is finishing my application with the state of Florida. This included a $75 fee and a 2×2 passport style photograph that you can actually smile in. However, since then, the state now uses your Driver’s License photo, which has helped to speed up the card-receiving process. The $75 fee, however, is still required.

Once I completed all the steps for registering, all that was left was to wait for the state to process everything. At this time, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use was extremely understaffed, so it took almost 2 months for me to get my card in the mail. Since then, the state has outsourced to streamline the process. According to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use’ website, the waiting period is now about 3 weeks.

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