Discussing Dispensaries: Trulieve (Delivery)

dispensaryWe at Omni are only one half of the process. Like traditional medication, first you see the doctor and then you go to pick up the medication. For technical legal reasons, we have to refer to it as a recommendation instead of prescription. Once the state approves your application and receives payment, you are allowed to purchase your medicine from a dispensary.

Medical marijuana comes in many forms; the most well known method of ingestion is inhalation with a vaporizer. However, there are a lot of different ways to ingest medical marijuana. One is a tincture, which are basically liquid drops for your mouth. If one wants to feel like they’re taking traditional medication, capsules are available! There’s also a syringe option (no, not that kind of syringe), an oral syringe. This is a method that has been very successful with patients who are children. There’s even a topical cream, and from what I’ve heard, it works really well. Before I got this job, I had no idea that one could use medical marijuana in a topical cream form! On top of all of those methods, new ones are constantly being worked and created all over the world, so who knows what tomorrow may offer (hopefully science will be enough to convince Florida that helping the patient is more important than paperwork and legal battles). As I’ve said previously, smoking the ‘flower’ form of marijuana is prohibited; however, there are several cases challenging this and other limits on forms of application in Florida.

Medical marijuana treatment centers, better known as dispensaries, are the only facilities authorized to cultivate, process, and dispense medical marijuana to qualified patients and caregivers. There are currently 13 treatment centers with 34 total dispensing locations. At this point there aren’t many dispensaries that are located near residential areas, and since medical marijuana can’t be mailed, most would see as a major setback. Luckily, most dispensaries delivery! While most, if not all, dispensaries charge for delivery, it’s much preferred to driving almost 3 hours to the nearest dispensary. Plus, the delivery drivers are very reliable and professional!

Of all the dispensaries, my favorite is Trulieve. I find their products to be top-notch, and if they’re not, Trulieve and their staff will right what is wrong! They also offer rewards and discounts to loyal members, also known as ‘Tru-lievers.’ Even though I personally place all my orders through Trulieve; last week, a family member of mine visited Curaleaf, and he found their facility very clean, professional, and friendly. From the signing-in in the waiting room to checking out all the pens and products, the staff was extremely helpful and proficient. They even offered to him a private consultation and free vape pen! I may just pay them a visit myself!

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