Discussing Dispensaries: Curaleaf

This past weekend I visited my first dispensary. Up until recently, I would have had to travel a very long distance to get to a dispensary because I live in Palm Beach County; now it’s only a semi-long distance, but an improvement nonetheless! This means that until now I’ve received my medical marijuana via delivery, which is much easier than making the trek myself. You may remember how I described that in my “Discussing Dispensaries” blog.

curaleafIn that blog, I mentioned that I intended to visit dispensaries such as Curaleaf, and this past weekend I did just that. I had heard good things from my family who had been there, so I went there with both pretty high expectations and absolutely no idea how it would actually look.

The first thing I noticed was their waiting room had a waiting room. That made sense though, considering the state being the way it is about all things medical marijuana, making things harder than they need to be. The gentlemen behind the counter and glass, which I assume was bulletproof (but definitely not looking to test it,) warmly helped out those in front of me and myself. So far, pretty good!

Then I got into the main waiting room, which felt a lot more familiar, and noticed plenty of room to sit comfortably. This is a good thing because those behind the counter made sure to take time to help each patient individually. I found this gesture to be very important because, first and foremost, this is medical situation, and most patients have a lot of questions. Plus, it helped that Curaleaf offered medical marijuana reading material and digital flat-screen displays to give you an idea of what you were looking for before approaching the counter. All in all, I waited about as long as I did for my primary physician, which was approximately 15 minutes at most.

Curaleaf, Lakeworth. A line of people outside of a dispensary. A man holds open a door to greet them.I was called up, and the woman behind the counter was very warm and, most importantly, listened to what my problems were. I’ve been to so many medical facilities where the folks don’t listen; they just wait for you to be done talking so they can say what they want, which occasionally clashes with what you said. I’ve heard from a fair share of patients that they are/were seeing similar medical practitioners, where they didn’t listen to the problem(s) the patients had. While she couldn’t directly help me choose specific products legally, she explained in such a way that it made my decision easier without breaking the law. For this, I am grateful. She cared enough to listen, and I truly wish there was more like that in the traditional medical community, not to mention the rest of the planet.

Curaleaf just got bumped up on my list, and I now have two favorite dispensaries. With all the different dispensaries inevitably moving closer, I’m already excited to experience the next one! Now that the Florida state registry has reached over 100,000 patients, four more medical marijuana treatment center (aka dispensary) licenses are legally granted.This also allows for existing licensees to open five more dispensary locations each. Whether or not the state will follow through on this through in a timely manner is another story…

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