Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) Update

It has been a month since I first wrote about the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU), and fortunately they ommu updatehave changed mostly for the better. They’ve sharpened up their website’s aesthetic design, so they score some kind of points there. They even have a catchphrase now – “Florida’s Official Source for Responsible Use.” It’s a good thing too… I have been known to be quite irresponsible.

The OMMU update now shows that over 100,000 patients have qualified for their medical marijuana card; but more on that in a bit. They say the processing time for the card, or how long it takes for patient to get certified, is now just five (5) business days; however, they have a little asterisk that states, “*Applications are not deemed to be complete until payment has successfully cleared – up to 5 business days.” After completing that step, there’s an additional five (5) business day wait for the ID to be printed. Either way, I’ve heard from various patients throughout the state, it still takes roughly three (3) weeks. There is an upside though! As soon as you are certified, you receive an email that will act as your card while it’s in the postal universe.

Speaking of the number of patients that have qualified, Florida now has over 100,000 certified patients. This means that, by law, the state is required to open up and certify four (4) more dispensaries. There are currently 13 dispensaries, three of which are still in the cultivation stage, which from my understanding means they’re still growing and can’t actually dispense yet. That means 10 of the dispensaries are currently dispensing via delivery or brick and mortar locations. Even though the state is only allowed to open four new dispensary slots, the OMMU expects over 400 applications for those four slots!

Back to the OMMU updates, they also include updates on the ongoing medical marijuana legal battles. This includes Redner’s Home Grow case and John Morgan’s Smoking Ban case. At this point both cases are still in legal limbo, which means no laws have changed despite the judge’s decisions. They also have updates on numerous other lesser known cases that don’t get much press unlike the first two. These cases involve constitutionality of rules/law, the application process, challenging the various rules etc…

And they did this all without having to worry about Compassion!

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