I may hate politics, but I still love to vote! We have a voting opportunity coming up. Now, I know a lot of folks who are skeptical of voting, and I will always respect those who choose not to vote. One of the beauties of America is having the choices that we do. That being said, when I hear those who choose not to vote explain the reasoning behind their decision or express disdain for the outcome, I do facepalm a bit. I’ll give you a great example.

Remember 2014? When we the people had a chance to get medical marijuana available to those with a wider spectrum of qualifying health conditions? We needed 60%. We ended up with 57%. Three. Percent. We had to battle for two more years before we were able to vote on it again, and I believe the failure of 2014 motivated enough people to vote  to get us where we are today.

Those two years were awful. Me personally, it was hell because of my brain surgery to lessen my seizures. The pain and the painkillers’ side effects were horrible. I was a child again The headaches were so brutal they brought me to tears. I spoke incoherently without realizing it, and it made me so frustrated. I’d try to ask for water, but instead of water I was saying ‘vacuum.’ I couldn’t comprehend well on any level, I ended up watching kids shows because that was all I could understand. I had to keep track on pen and paper of when I took my painkillers, and I found myself repeatedly checking just to see if it was time for the next one yet.

For others it is having epilepsy, making them unable to swim, drive, or sometimes survive. For others it is being unable to eat because of cancer and the chemotherapy that can comes with it. For others it’s PTSD because war is hell, and the war doesn’t necessarily “end” with peace. For many others it is pain so debilitating from conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, ALS or many others. There are so many conditions that can be helped by medical marijuana, if you ever aren’t sure, feel free to ask me! If you actually want to see how the process works, you can watch’s Jose Rosado get his medical marijuana card. 

However, I don’t want non-voters to feel like any of this was their fault. Non-voters, you didn’t cause our medical conditions and for that I will not blame you. You didn’t vote among the 43% who flat-out opposed the medical marijuana for those in need, so I still hold you on higher ground than some. You made the decision that you’re free to make, so I respect you.

For the love of god, however, GET OUT AND VOTE in the future if the health of others relies on it. I don’t care if you choose not to vote for candidates you don’t know, but there are parts of voting that aren’t just for individuals. 2014’s medical marijuana flop is more than enough proof.

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