Joshua Winer’s “Seizure Stand Up”

Joshua Winer’s Seizure Stand Up

We all have different coping mechanisms to help us handle this life with our qualifying conditions. For me, my primary coping mechanism to live happily with epilepsy is comedy. The sound of laughter can help out my head pain more than most medications. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug. After having a chunk of my hippocampus removed to help decrease the seizures, I’ve lost my ability to remember as well. Above is my first stand up bit in over 20 years, courtesy of Sick Puppies Comedy. It’s all about my epilepsy and me.

If you’d like to share your coping mechanisms to help others find a way to cope themselves, please do!

WARNING: Inappropriate language, PG-13

To see some more examples of Joshua’s performances, check out Sick Puppies Comedy.

Joshua also writes a blog for Omni informing people about medical marijuana. “I intend on using this blog to inform and opine on the medical marijuana world in Florida, to help those better understand what’s going on, and how it might affect us all.”

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