Do you remember how I explained, or at least tried to, the Endocannabinoid System and the many ways it helps our bodies? Remember how I tried to explain the complexity? Were you sort of relieved at the end (like I was), thinking it couldn’t get more explanatory and still make sense? Well, good news, everyone! Science has gone and found a way to make this even more interesting, mind-blowing, and unfathomable.

There are now labs out there testing individuals’ Endocannabinoid Systems and learning a lot. The human bodies interaction with medical marijuana is not much different from traditional medication. While there are intended effects for medical marijuana, we are all unique in our own way genetically. What will work for one patient may not work for another even if they both suffer from similar conditions.

I can tell you from personal experience, “what works for one patient may not for another” might as well be the catchphrase of western medicine. The number of anti-seizure pills I went through before I found one with minimal side effects that also worked for me is more than I’d care to admit. This isn’t unusual. What’s unusual is a DNA test that can tell you exactly what’ll work best for you, and that’s something entering the medical marijuana world.

We at Omni have partnered with CannaGx, who have developed a DNA test. By taking the test, and thereby testing your Endocannabinoid System, one does not have to go through the trial and error process we are accustomed to with traditional medicine. The CannaGx test aids the medical marijuana doctors in deciding which strand is best suited for the patient. This is because CannaGx is “the first ever genetics based, personal medical marijuana report.” With their DNA test, one can find out which strain will help their insomnia best and be able to get some sleep. For those suffering from chronic debilitating pain, this test can help them find the right medical marijuana strain to manage the pain. This helps patients cut down on their opioid intake, and some patients may find that after trying medical marijuana, they have no need for opioids at all.

I know I’m beating a dead horse on this part, but I wouldn’t let this lead you to believe CannaGx can replace all of western medicine. Western medicine isn’t evil, and in many cases it helps especially when going hand in hand with medical marijuana. They’re better as a team than as rivals.

Still, I’m excited to get my results from CannaGx! My headaches are scared. Good!

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