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One of the biggest mysteries regarding medical marijuana are conditions that qualify. There are many misconceptions about who has the right to medical marijuana. Some think that you must have a terminal condition to qualify. Terminal conditions do qualify, but they are far from the only qualifying condition. Some think that only a very particular type of epileptics qualify. That couldn’t be further from the truth, not only does epilepsy qualify, if you have seizures for non-epileptic reasons, you qualify. There’s a similar myth with types of cancer, but there are many forms of cancer symptoms that can be treated with medical marijuana. For example, there is a topical medication for skin cancer. It works very well from what I’ve heard.
There are those out there who perpetuate the medical marijuana myths. Some do so to scam, such as those who tell patients they telemedicine is an option, when in fact it is

ILLEGAL regarding medical marijuana. Some spread misinformation purely by accident because many media sources (television, print, internet… there are no exclusions).
A major example of that is ALL of the news organizations who cover stories about medical marijuana with pictures of joints. Currently, FLOWER CANNOT BE SMOKED IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA! Flower is only available in sealed containers for vaping, which has many (myself included) distraught. Patients and attorney John Morgan are currently fighting a legal battle to change that.
There are those that think the only qualifying conditions are the 10 listed on the Use website has listed. This is not so. There are many conditions that qualify that are similar to the 10 that qualify. Granted, some doctors aren’t willing to do the extra work to help patients with those kinds of conditions, but Omni Medical Services is willing to help if we’re in your area. If we’re not in your area, let me know, and I’ll advocate for a clinic in the said area!

The most important thing when it comes to qualifying conditions is medical paperwork. We, unfortunately, are not legally allowed to take one’s word when it comes to qualifying conditions. Your doctor can provide you with your medical paperwork and you do not need to tell them why you want said papers. Actually, they legally must. Patients come first isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s the truth and the primary reason I’m involved in the medical marijuana world.
If you have any questions about conditions that qualify, feel free to email me at joshuaw@omnimedicalfl.com.

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