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Never in my life have I seen groups more filled with universal support than the medical marijuana community. Nearly everyone is extremely passionate and for serious reasons. Either they have a qualifying condition or someone they know and/or love has a qualifying condition. That alone separates the medical marijuana industry apart from the majority of other industries, even traditional medical.

That last part may sound like a bunch of hooey, but read me out. Very few traditional, western medicines can help as many different people with as many different conditions as medical marijuana. The fact that this plant has so many medical uses makes it unique. Western medicine operates more along the lines of 1 pill for 1 condition. Occasionally there will be multiple uses, but that’s often more a coincidence than anything else. For example, my Trileptal is being taken for my epilepsy. However, it tickles the same part of the brain as where my bipolar disorder lives. Unintentional, but convenient.

Medical marijuana helps with my epilepsy, my bipolar disorder, my chronic brain surgery related headaches and a plethora of other conditions/symptoms that I have to live with. That alone would have inspired me to get into an industry like this. The best part of all of this is I am not alone. As I said earlier, the majority of those I’ve met since getting this job have a very similar passion. We have been helped, and we want to help as a way to pay it both back and forward. We’ve seen the damage the medical conditions can do, we’ve felt the pain they can cause. We are willing do what it takes following all the state laws, federal laws be damned.

There will always be exceptions in the community. Always. However they cannot paint this industry as something it is not. Simply put, too many of us legitimately give a damn, and money can’t buy passion. Not mine, and not the majority of my peers giving back. I’m here to help as many people as I can in as many ways that I can. Feel free to ask anyone else in the medical marijuana community, I’m willing to wager they are too, and for reasons similar to what I mentioned.


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