I was so excited when I got into this business. It’s a dream job. It felt like entering a fantasy world, and like many fantasy worlds, it was thick with information that changed how I thought the world worked. I thought I already knew “everything” about (medical) marijuana. I was wrong. Turns out there’s no such thing as everything, because there is always more to come. There is no end in sight for new studies and results.

One day at a clinic, a fellow from a dispensary (I can’t remember which) came in before the clinic and we talked. He introduced me to terpenes, that OTHER ingredient in medical marijuana for vaping. I was new to the world of vaping, so the blank stare I gave him must’ve been something. He dumbed it down for me; terpenes are the other ingredient in medical marijuana for vaporization. They’re what give the medical marijuana vapor unique smell and taste. Not only that, but it turns out terpenes also have medical benefits themselves!

Not quite so basically, there are over 100 different terpenes that dispensaries throughout the world use. Some of the more popular terpenes are citrus or pine-based. The effects they can have varies, terpenes can affect appetite, pain, and much more. Below is a chart I got via WeedMaps.com that shows just how effective terpenes can be!

Terpenes via Weedmaps

I’m not a botanist, but some of those big words are familiar. Well, parts of them. Limonene looks a bit like the word lemon and is, in fact, a citrus-based terpene. Eucalyptol makes my inner koala tingle, and for good reason; it’s from the eucalyptus tree! That chart has 15 of the plethora of terpenes, and it shows that terpenes have a wide variety of both sources and ways they can positively affect the human body.

From what I’ve been hearing, there are talks of upcoming terpenes that are actually coming from… medical marijuana. Medical marijuana within medical marijuana, whooooooa. Inceptiojuana? Terrible joke aside, the biggest thing terpenes have proven to me is that there’s more to medical marijuana than just medical marijuana. Terpenes are medical too!

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