Discussing Dispensaries: Trulieve

My first dispensary experience was Trulieve… via delivery. I’m not sure if delivery actually qualified it as a dispensary experience… Well, I can say with 100% accuracy and authenticity that I had a legitimate dispensary experience with Trulieve (Deerfield Beach). How did it go? Well, let me share that with you!

First off, the waiting room is huge, with lots of comfortable chairs. This is important because with as many people suffering from as many conditions as they are, their comfort must be accounted for. At the very least their discomfort must be avoided. Those working at the desk were professional and concise. They made it easy to understand the signing in process.

Not too long after signing in, I was called back to the dispensary itself. I was pleased to see so many Trulieve employees back there, ready to help. The two helping me, Nate and Ashley, understood more than I do about the actual medical marijuana. I will readily admit that I don’t know much about shatter. Well, didn’t know much, because with their help I now have a much better understanding of what shatter is. While it’s not for me, being educated on delivery methods is important in making decisions about your health. Furthermore, I consider it part of my education as a patient advocate.

Afterward, I had a long discussion with Mike and Richard, one of whom I met a long ways back as the delivery driver. We talked about not only medical marijuana but about how society has evolved over the past year in ways that impact patients. We all are following the legal battles throughout the state. We’re on the same page as far as the importance of helping patients stay knowledgeable; patients come first not only in treatment but also in education. I believe we’re all very excited to see where things go from here.

I haven’t visited a dispensary I didn’t like yet, but there are still plenty out there for me to visit. That being said, I’m optimistic that those folks working in the field will continue to offer the high standards I’ve experienced so far.

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