Stubborn State

We the people speak, spoke, and will continue speaking about medical marijuana. Judges have sided with us. They ruled that we should have greater freedoms with medical marijuana because that’s what’s best for the patient. Furthermore, because that’s how we voted.

Judges Karen Gievers and Charles Dodson have both made legal rulings that would have a strong impact on medical marijuana in Florida. Judge Gievers ruled that the state is in the wrong banning us from smoking. Judge Dodson ruled that the state greatly overstepped their bounds in their limitations to dispensaries. The state wanted these things to be decided in court, and decided they were. A judge’s ruling is suddenly not good enough for the state because… why?

Why is Florida being so stubborn? Specifically, why has Rick Scott refused to accept that medical marijuana is not something that should be limited by those who are ignorant in the subject? The people have spoken. The doctors have spoken. The judges have spoken. Give up, Rick Scott. Surrender, legislative branch. You’re on the losing side, and continued stubbornness only makes you look worse. Hell, you’ve already lost. You just refuse to accept it.

Word is that Ron DeSantis will drop the objection. That’d be a strong way to start his governor gig. When it comes to gubernatorial actions, however, I’ll believe in when I see it. Call me scarred by Scott…

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