Enter: The Edibles

Big news was made this week regarding edible medical marijuana… but did the news come too soon? Trulieve announced that they’d be working with Binske. If you’re like me, you have no idea what a Binske is, and that’s okay! If it makes us feel any better, Binske isn’t a Florida company that has flown under the radar…

Binske is a Colorado based company that creates many forms of medical marijuana, much more than edibles. For starters, their website shows flower. We Floridians are not quite there yet, but we’re close. They also offer Bath Salts (NOT LIKE THAT!), salve, lotion, and oil. Unfortunately, those things won’t be coming down here to Trulieve.

What Trulieve will be bringing into the picture are edibles, which looks to be the Binske’s specialty.  Edibles is a pretty vague term, what exactly are we talking about here? The edible I’m personally most excited for is the chocolate bar’s; what can I say? I’ve got a wicked sweet tooth. They also offer granola, which seems like the option that won’t strike the blood sugar as hard. Also shown on their website is honey, olive oil, and something called fruit leather. Pure speculation on my part, but I’m guessing fruit leather is what fruit snacks grow up to be.

The Binske specialty seems to be “Pàte de Fruit.” It’s a kind of French jellied candy, with a large variety of fruity flavors. Some of the aforementioned flavors are things like peach, pomegranate, and blueberry. Like everything else in the medical marijuana world, I reckon the list of flavors will continue to increase.

That’s the good news. The bad news is while we may know these things, we don’t know the most important thing. WHEN WILL EDIBLES BE LEGAL IN THESE FORMS??? There is no actual date set, so this could happen tomorrow or next year; we can’t really be sure. What we can be sure of when it comes time, I’m adding edibles to my list.


  1. Jackie Spillers

    I’d Love to get any pain relief.😎J. D. S.😎

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