Discussing Dispensaries: GrowHealthy

Today I was able to see a GrowHealthy dispensary for the very first time. I had heard great things about it from other patients, so the bar was pretty high on the get-go.

First off, we did things a little differently. Before going to the dispensary, Omni and a member of GrowHealthy gave a talk at a West Palm Beach community clubhouse. Over sixty people attended. We answered a lot of curious questions about the process of procuring a card and visiting a dispensary. Afterwards, we all had great one-on-one conversations with those who stayed.

The waiting room at GrowHealthy was roomy. The way the furniture was arranged was pretty neat; I felt like I was sinking into the chairs in an A-OK way! I had to fill out some basic paperwork, and by fill out I mean check marks, my name, and the date (which was the most difficult part of all the paperwork).

I was called back through the security door after I completed my paperwork. I was given a tour of the dispensary. The first thing they do when you’re called back is have a private discussion with a member of the GrowHealthy team. In this discussion, they will answer questions and help educate when necessary. We at Omni do something similar.

After the private discussion, I was shown some pretty cool technology. They had touchscreen tables, and when I say tables I mean some huge tables, think dinner-sized+. The information the tables had further help educate patients about medical marijuana. It covers many topics, including the history of cannabis.

I was fortunate enough to have Haley as my “budtender.” I know that’s what they’re called throughout the country, but it still feels… weird… to call them that. That could just be me. Regardless, Haley explained the various forms of medical marijuana they had available. She explained the difference between a cartridge and a distillate (I just wish I could remember well enough to tell you, but that’s on me and my short term memory issues) and she made sure I got the best deal possible. She even double checked to make sure of that, and we had a very interesting conversation about medical marijuana and Florida.

So we can add GrowHealthy to the list of dispensaries I’ve been to… as well as the list of dispensaries that I was pleased with… but I don’t play favorites. At this point, I have yet to have been disappointed by a visit to a dispensary.

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