Bad move, CBS

To provide a little background into my article for today, I want to mention that the Superbowl is coming up. One of the funny things about the Superbowl is that football is about the third most important thing happening that night. The halftime show usually gets a lot of love, or at least attention, but that’s not even the most viewed part of the Superbowl. The most important thing that goes on on Superbowl Sunday? The advertisements.  That may sound silly, but hear me out. The cost to air an ad during the Superbowl is almost comically huge. There are people who hate football that will watch the Superbowl purely for the advertisements.

That is what makes the following so important; CBS refuses to air anything marijuana related, even if it’s medical. Acreage Holding is, from my understanding, what happens when a dispensary has a baby with a investment company. More important (and accurate) is the fact that their ad was going to have medical marijuana patients tell their stories. This would help educate the many who watch the Superbowl, regardless of the reason.

This is kind of ironic when one considers the commercials aired during the Superbowl. First off, the beer commercials. SO MANY BEER COMMERCIALS! I have no problems with said commercials (or beer, for that matter), despite the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol. It just seems kind of silly to have a bunch of horses and scantily clad women telling you to drink, but heaven forbid they mention marijuana… and the fact that it can help with so many conditions, some acquired by the next point…

Which is the sport itself. I’ve watched football since I was a wee lad, so there will always be a place in my heart for the sport. That being said, medical research has proven that football players lives degrade at a faster pace than the average joe who doesn’t partake in a high contact sport. We’ve seen what the sport can do to people. We know that many players live the rest of their lives with damaged bodies and minds. I’ll never forget Junior Seau shooting himself in the chest so his damaged brain could be researched. Imagine if the athletes could use medical marijuana to treat their acquired conditions without having to worry about breaking silly rules that could cost them millions of dollars… It would do the players a hell of a lot more good than alcohol/opioids. Ask Ricky Williams.

Here’s hoping that one of the halftime performers makes a statement about this BS. Hey, I can dream! What would be really great is if next year’s Superbowl network, Fox, would be less stoneheaded than CBS and air the Acreage commercial. That would win them many fans!

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