Infinity Meds?

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One of the most impressive things about medical marijuana, in my opinion, is the various forms of medical use. The closest major homeopathic medicine that has so many uses is Aloe, I believe. Medical marijuana can be used orally, topically, and as a suppository. You read that right, medical marijuana can be used as a suppository.

Medical marijuana has such a major medical impact for so many conditions; yet it’s still also Schedule 1. A Schedule 1 drug that has been proven to help those suffering from cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, chronic pain, glaucoma… I could literally go on for days about the plethora of conditions that medical marijuana has been proven to help.

The most well known way to use medical marijuana is inhalation, but even that has variety. While it’s still illegal in the state of Florida, smoking medical marijuana has been proven to have medical benefits. The only legal way to inhale medical marijuana in Florida is through vaporization. Something amazing that I’ve heard is dispensaries are working on an inhaler. Think of it as an asthma inhaler, except this inhaler can help you with cancer. Inconceivable! There are tinctures, which until I entered the industry,  I never even heard of. Yet a few drops under the tongue can save you from a seizure.

For those who are more “traditional” with their medical products, they also make medical marijuana in pill form. Nice and familiar. If you are trying to hide that you are on medical marijuana, pills may just be for you. Medical marijuana pills fit in a pill case just fine. Great for work retreats. There’s also the familiar suppository that I referred to earlier. Don’t get them confused. What really blows my mind is the fact that medical marijuana can be used topically. I’ve heard from patients that topical medical marijuana can be used for a variety of conditions, from cancer to chronic pain and more!

The best part is that dispensaries are constantly evolving their medical marijuana forms of deployment to help patients in as many ways as they can. I got into this thinking the only ways to use marijuana were the same as the recreational ways. Boy was I mistaken. Every day I’m more amazed by what I learn.

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