Discussing Dispensaries: RISE

RISE felt like a whole lot of luck (for me!)…

For starters, I found out that there was a new dispensary in Florida. However, at this time, they only have one location. Naturally, I assumed they were going to be nowhere near me. After all, Florida is huge! Then I found out they were around 10-15 minutes away from my place.

I won’t lie, I got giddy since I’m so used to the starting locations of new dispensaries either being up in Central or Northern Florida. If they happen to be in South Florida, it’s way south. It was like this for so long during that period of time, I only got my medical marijuana through delivery. Since the times have changed more dispensaries are opening up and some of them are actually near to me. I make “appearances” now! After having to deal with that situation for so long, a dispensary opening their location that close felt like winning the (scratch off) lotto!

At the same time, there are a lot of dispensaries, so I’ve only been to each of them a couple of times. I still don’t feel like a regular at any of them quite yet. I blame that on my shoddy memory, but that’s a whole other story. When I go back to dispensaries I’ve visited before, they still feel very new to me. Despite the incredible staff remembering me, I can’t return the favor like I would like to, and like I would feel they would like me to.

This time, I got to see one of the newer dispensaries, RISE.

The RISE crew are very patient and understanding, and were willing to repeat themselves again, and again, and again, and again. I can be dense. They had a such a warm team and there were no frowns at all. I didn’t have to wait too long to be helped, and they had some very interesting reading material in the waiting room, such as descriptive information on terpenes and the effects that various terpenes have on the human mind and body or the history of cannabis being used medicinally (which goes further back than one would expect!)

Plus, I was helped out by a fellow lefty. Maybe it was just the left hands talking, but we were able to relate very quickly which made the whole experience feel… right! I was shown some very helpful information about medical marijuana, including information about terpenes.

Remember my prediction about future terpenes being cannabis based?

THE FUTURE IS NOW! The use of medical marijuana to make terpenes is already becoming a regular thing. Note: This does not take away from the medical benefits provided from non-cannabis based terpenes!

Plus, they have 1000 mg medical marijuana vape cartridges. To me, and I believe the state of Florida, that’s unprecedented! I can’t for the life of me remember a dispensary down here with a cartridge that large.

I’m already excited to return, and writing this just got me more excited!

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