The 10%

We came so far, Florida! We went from no medical marijuana to Charlotte’s Web to medical marijuana in very particular forms of ingestion to medical Flower! We did it, y’all! Well, at least I thought we did. Then again, you know what they say… “Two steps forward, 10% Cap.”

I don’t know whose idea it was to limit the THC potency of medical marijuana in Flower form to 10%. Oh, wait, I do! The House Health and Human Services Committee Chairman Ray Rodrigues is taking the lead on this one. His tactics? Classic “Reefer Madness” fear-mongering. To be specific, this man believes that smokable medical marijuana with THC potency over 10% causes “psychosis.”

For those like me who’ve heard that term before but aren’t exactly sure what it means, Psychosis is defined as “a mental disorder characterized by symptoms, such as delusions or hallucinations, that indicate impaired contact with reality… any severe form of mental disorder, as schizophrenia or paranoia.”

While Chairman Rodrigues is not himself a doctor, he claims that there is some kind of medical evidence that supports this. I looked further into it and found a Lancet article regarding this topic.  It’s an interesting read, but what negative results were found are drowned out by all the positives that medical marijuana has been proven to bring to the table… which is the way the law reads for medical marijuana. One possible negative side effect does not offset the countless positive effects. More important, one possible negative side effect does not justify limiting the medication to the point where it takes twice the dose to treat the patient’s condition(s).

Psychosis is a very serious condition. So serious that we shouldn’t throw it around like it’s a common side effect from smoking marijuana. If it was, we as a society would have definitely noticed by now. More importantly, the doctors would have noticed. This is why we should leave the recommendation to the doctors, not the politicians.

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