Wrong DeSantis

Things may not have been going perfectly with Governor Ron DeSantis, but they have been at least going well. His biggest move was making smokable flower available to patients with a medical marijuana card. There was momentum and it seemed positive. Then he had to go along and say this regarding recreational marijuana:

“Not while I’m Governor,” said DeSantis. “I mean look, when that is introduced with teenagers and young people I think it has a really detrimental effect to their wellbeing and their maturity.”

I feel foolish. After surprising me with his stance on smokable, I honestly thought he wouldn’t stop there. I really thought that DeSantis would keep the marijuana momentum going. After all, that’s what we the people want and voted for. The article where I got that quote surprised me, and judging from what I’ve seen on social media, I’m not alone.

That quote really irks me. Maybe it has something to do with his reasoning. After all, alcohol is legal for those over 21. Why is there a drinking age to begin with? Rhetorical question, because it can be bad for children. Wouldn’t it make more sense to legalize recreational marijuana and mimic the logic of the drinking age? If we’re going to make all things that are bad for teenagers illegal, we’re going to have to cut a lot out of our lives. After all, this kind of reasoning is what brought about prohibition in the first place! For those who aren’t strong with American history, prohibition went very poorly. I really thought we learned from that. 

Now it’s been established that the Governor is using the same reasoning as prohibition supporters. The 65% are not going to keep quiet about this.

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