Discussing Dispensaries: MÜV

I finally got to MÜV! I went to the one out in Wellington. I won’t lie, Wellington isn’t in my backyard. Finding it was a bit like exploring a maze. Once I got there I felt like I just found the cheese… and it was delicious!

The waiting room was comfortable. I was greeted with a warm reception when I walked through the door. The woman behind the counter explained a bit for me since I was a first time patient. While I waited, there was reading material that helped explain both MÜV and medical marijuana in general. They even had a copy of Cannabis News Florida!

Once I was called back, I met the assistant manager Brandon. I neglected to mention the fact that I work with Omni Medical Services because I wanted to feel like purely a patient. I can happily report that he was very thorough in his explanation of medical mariujana and he answered the questions that I could think of about the different forms of ingestion/use. They have a wide variety of different indica, sativa, and hybrids. When it came to the actual transaction, I received the 25% first time patient discount. They also have “flash sales,” which are exactly what they sound like.

All in all, I like MÜV and I very much like those I had the pleasure of meeting. I look forward to returning!

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