Discussing Dispensaries: Liberty Health Sciences

This time I made it to Liberty Health Sciences. The proximity is glorious, and I’m pretty sure I went to that building when whoever-owned-it-last was there. Deja Vu, eh? Regardless, once I stepped inside, it was both familiar and different. For the better on both accounts. 

The main difference to me is that their waiting room isn’t a closed off area as waiting rooms traditionally are. With Liberty Health Sciences (which from here on out will be just Liberty) they don’t close off the waiting room from the rest of the dispensary. So while waiting is an option, it seems as though browsing is one too. Not just browsing the Cannabis News Florida or Mary’s Cannabis Primer (Issue #6 CANNABIS & EPILEPSY), but actually browsing some of their product displays. This helps prepare one for when they’re called on up.

Speaking of being called on up, it wasn’t too long before I was called up. I took this opportunity to ask questions, this time about the different devices. On top of the traditional vape pen, they have a PAX device that use Mary’s Medicinal cartridges. When I was there, they only had indica and sativa available (no hybrids). That was no big deal to me. I’ve gone traditional a heck of a lot, so I decided to change things up and go with the PAX/Mary’s combo. It’s smaller and works just as well. 

Everyone at Liberty was extremely open and friendly. They listened to me go on and on about my stories from the past and didn’t get bored! We spoke back and forth about their products, the industry in general, and life itself! It was such a warm experience that I once again look forward to returning. I feel as though I’ve gotten lucky with each of my dispensary visits. Let’s hope the luck continues!

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