Discussing Dispensaries: OnePlant

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting OnePlant, the one in Boynton. Their waiting room is huge! It’s also got the medical marijuana version of a gift shop, with tons of different shirts, hats, bags and more! The wait time was extremely short, I barely got to sit down before I was called up! This time I picked up flower (Ebony & Ivory) and I have to admit, it was some great flower. I was helped out by Chaunce, who explained the different types of buds to me. 

When I was there they didn’t have any vape products, and they were all pulled down from their website when I took a peek. That doesn’t mean they’ve given up on vape products, I’m pretty sure it means that coming soon is to be a better vape product. Right now their specialty is flower and pre-roll. I’m personally not a huge fan of pre-roll, but their flower selection is growing (some pun intended) and I am excited to see what comes next.

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