My name is Joshua Winer, and I’m a member of the Omni Medical Services family.

In February 2017, I became a patient; but when I saw the good being done, I knew I had to become a part of it.

I am epileptic and suffer from headaches as a result of brain surgery back in 2013, before medical marijuana was an option. Since then, I’ve gone through my share of pills to handle the headaches, which brought on more side effects than it did pain relief. Finally one day, my neurologist recommended medical marijuana. Even though my headaches are not completely gone, they are far less severe than they’ve ever been. Plus, I’m no longer on prescription pain medication.

Now I can give back. Now I can help others suffering from many different debilitating conditions, including epilepsy, as a way to pay it forward for all the help I’ve received. I intend on using this blog to inform and opine on the medical marijuana world in Florida, to help those better understand what’s going on, and how it might affect us all.


Discussing Dispensaries: OnePlant
Recently I had the pleasure of visiting OnePlant, the one in Boynton. Their waiting room is huge! It’s also got
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One of the biggest issues right now when it comes to the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of
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MedMen and South Park
South Park has never been afraid to call out businesses/people. They’ve made episodes calling out Disney, the NBA, NAMBLA (no,
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Discussing Dispensaries: Liberty Health Sciences
This time I made it to Liberty Health Sciences. The proximity is glorious, and I’m pretty sure I went to
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Discussing Dispensaries: MÜV
I finally got to MÜV! I went to the one out in Wellington. I won’t lie, Wellington isn’t in my
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Wrong DeSantis
Things may not have been going perfectly with Governor Ron DeSantis, but they have been at least going well. His
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Marijuana: STILL Schedule 1?!?!
I wrote this a year ago. It’s still relevant. The more things change, the more they stay the same. New
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The 10%
We came so far, Florida! We went from no medical marijuana to Charlotte’s Web to medical marijuana in very particular
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Discussing Dispensaries: RISE
RISE felt like a whole lot of luck (for me!)… For starters, I found out that there was a new
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Infinity Meds?
To listen to an audio recording of the following blog, “Infinity Meds?,” by the author, Joshua Winer, click the play
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