My name is Joshua Winer, and I’m a member of the Omni Medical Services family.

In February 2017, I became a patient; but when I saw the good being done, I knew I had to become a part of it.

I am epileptic and suffer from headaches as a result of brain surgery back in 2013, before medical marijuana was an option. Since then, I’ve gone through my share of pills to handle the headaches, which brought on more side effects than it did pain relief. Finally one day, my neurologist recommended medical marijuana. Even though my headaches are not completely gone, they are far less severe than they’ve ever been. Plus, I’m no longer on prescription pain medication.

Now I can give back. Now I can help others suffering from many different debilitating conditions, including epilepsy, as a way to pay it forward for all the help I’ve received. I intend on using this blog to inform and opine on the medical marijuana world in Florida, to help those better understand what’s going on, and how it might affect us all.


I may hate politics, but I still love to vote! We have a voting opportunity coming up. Now, I know
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Endocannabinoid receptors? Huh?
I said I’d do this, so here it is. Everything I know about the endocannabinoid system in our bodies and
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A Place for Everything
One of the most misunderstood things in the medical marijuana world is hemp CBD. Some of the reasons for this
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How is this Still a Debate (Class)?
There is a seemingly never ending back and forth when it comes to medical marijuana usage in schools. Even worse,
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Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) Update
It has been a month since I first wrote about the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU), and fortunately they
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Discussing Dispensaries: Curaleaf
This past weekend I visited my first dispensary. Up until recently, I would have had to travel a very long
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“Real Professionals Don’t Use Marijuana”
I’ll be the first to admit, I personally talk about medical marijuana way too much. It’s true… I never shut
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The ‘Green’ Herring
Aside from being a fish, a “red herring” is when someone deliberately introduces something into a debate that is meant
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The Office of ________ Use is ________
In the initial stage of Florida’s medical marijuana program, there was the Office of Compassionate Use (OCU). They were part
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Path to Wellness
I’ve told you a lot about myself and the medical marijuana world. My condition, how I got my card, dispensaries…
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